Vicky’s Keys Black Listed

This list is about the persons who stayed at Vicky’s Keys whether as a guest or as a volunteer. These persons did not abide by Vicky’s Keys policies and or conducted criminal activities. Criminal activities such as causing damage too our belongings and not paying for it, not paying for services (e.g. Walkout Guest), stealing from guests, stealing from Vicky’s Keys.

To those who see a familiar name or your own name show up while doing an online search, feel free to contact us to rectify the wrong doings. Click here to contact us.

Persona Non Grata – Wall Of Shame

NameEmailCountryTotal PaxFromUntilNightsReason
Maxime Dorzbachblue_maxime@hotmail.comGermany115-jan-1619-jan-164Walkout
Arjan Costercosteryachts76@gmail.comNetherlands127-jan-1631-jan-164Walkout
Greg Boyden USA126-jun-169-jul-1613Stole from guest
Jet Ruizbubbleclubbyyeth@gmail.comSt. Martin42-dec-163-dec-161Walkout
Anila Awananila USA114-07-1720-07-176Walkout
Barbara Firmobarbarafirmo@live.itItaly13-mar-1916-jun-20471Stole from Vicky’s Keys
Andrea BicelliItaly13-mar-1916-jun-20471Stole from Vicky’s Keys