Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Project 1 – Vicky’s Keys Gardens

Vicky’s Keys have several gardens cultivated with herbs, vegetables, fruit and fish (Aquaponics system). Led and managed by dedicated volunteers, Vicky’s Keys grows organic food efficiently for its community of volunteers and to distribute to the local neighbourhood at low cost. Surplus produce from Vicky’s Keys is sold at The Keys Market. Vicky’s Keys includes a small classroom area where we demonstrate our Aquaponics system and offer medicinal and plant-based cooking classes. We welcome local volunteers to work the gardens at Vicky’s Keys every Wednesday and Saturday between 9am and 11am. Contact us to make an appointment.

SDG Project 2 – Remnants of a 17th Century Plantation

At the back of The Keys residential neighbourhood at the foot of the Naked Boy Hill we are working on an educational site that will comprise of reinstating the remnants of the 17th century plantation called “Succour”. Plans are being designed to recapture the old plantation site with its slave walls and to reinstate its berry orchard with terraced hillside community gardens (allotments) on the side reaching the rear of this site. At the rear will be hurricane- and earthquake challenged Greenhouse structures where all sorts of organic vegetables will be grown with an outdoor teaching center. Our task is to create room for individual allotments, educational plots, a communal garden and a classroom for teaching gardening, landscaping, nutrition, and the concept from “garden to table” cooking.