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Feel free to contact us directly if you have any enquires regarding accomodation, we would love to have you stay with us.

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The Keys road #2 – #8, Lane 3, Sucker Garden

Directions to Vicky’s Keys

Vicky’s Keys is approximately a 20 minute drive from Princess Juliana International Airport. Straight across Philipsburg you will find the suburb called Sucker Garden. To reach our location you will have drive to Sucker Garden passing Philipsburg.

  • Coming from Philipsburg on the Sucker Garden road.
  • On your left: you’ll pass the Gas station.
  • On your right: you’ll pass the Guana Bay road.
  • Drive until you see on your right a Super Market called “FRESH POND SUPERMARKET”. Or the sign “Welcome to Sucker Garden”.
  • Then take the first road on your right called KING OF THE SEA ROAD.
  • Make a right turn, you’ll be driving on a bank, continue driving to the 3rd bridge. DON’T TAKE THE 4TH BRIDGE this is to far off.
  • Turn left at the 3rd bridge and continue driving. This road is called THE KEYS ROAD.
  • On your right: pass the street called Sedums Cactus road.
  • Continue driving until you see on your left the sign “VICKY’S KEYS on a painted big rock.
  • Make a left turn at this sign and you’ll see a parking lot.
  • You have arrived at Vicky’s Keys!

You can also use Google Maps to see where we are precisely located. Click HERE for our spot on GMAPS.
Good luck and we hope to welcome you soon!

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If you are planning on visiting St. Maarten keep in mind that high season starts from November and runs until May. So be on time to make your arrangement!

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Besides our short term lodging service we offer mediate to long-term rental possibilities as well.


Your stay at Vicky’s Keys must be paid for in advance. Depending on when you cancel your stay, you will be partially or fully reimbursed.