About Us

We are the only Eco Hostel / Volunteer Center on St. Maarten that offers short, medium to long stay holidays and we are a home to volunteers who work with us on several local Eco Projects.

Hundreds of visitors and many volunteers have chosen to stay with us

If you are looking for a pleasant but affordable place to stay, in a quiet suburban village away from the daily island hustle and bustle then Vicky’s Keys Hostel is the place to be.

Set into the Sint Maarten country hillsides, “Vicky’s Keys” is just across the Great Pond and from sweeping ocean sands, and a 5 minute scenic drive to the quaint streets of Philipsburg.

We devote our time to upkeep our unique location which is part of the family history of more than 300 years. Being surrounded by marvellous nature, its landscape remind us everyday how fortunate we are to live in paradise.

The name “Vicky’s Keys” is a homage to the Great Grand Mother (see picture) and late Mother of the owners. Great Grand Mother Vicky was co-owner of this family pre-owned village. She actually named this village The Keys in Sucker Garden. The anekdote is that Grandma Vicky always had a bunch of keys carrying around with her, so this is why the volunteer center and hostel is called “Vicky’s Keys” and it’s located in a family pre-owned (from 18th century – 1981) village. The property still have some of its original details such as the slave walls, the black berry vine at the plantation site called Succour, fruit trees as landmarks all providing a warm atmosphere and a pleasant place to spend the night.

Vicky’s Keys rooms and dorms has been renovated and are equipped with the basic necessities. Everything to ensure that our guests and international based volunteers enjoy their day to their own heart’s content. You are not obligated to participate in a buffet if you don’t want to. How about making your own breakfast when it suits you. No tightly plastered walls or modern furnished spaces, but everything just a little crooked: the charm of the Caribbean!

Vicky’s Keys premises is approximately 1.400m2 / 15.000 square feet. The concept is “Stay among the locals” which is popular among the Volunteering and Backpackers market. Yet we are the only one on St. Maarten to anticipate those who would like to experience staying among the locals but with an Eco twist to it.

Although we have been hit hard by hurricane Irma on 6 September 2017 mother nature has helped us to re-create our little paradise. Our 4 buildings on the property are equipped to accommodate volunteers and holiday guests.
The premises has several gardens cultivated with herbs, vegetables, fruit and fish (Aquaponics & Hydroponics system). Besides the usual luxury amenities you have the choice to experience pure Caribbean self-sufficient living.


International Volunteers are welcome to stay and work with us on several SDG (sustainable development goals) projects initiated by the Marlin Yard Foundation.

Current SDG projects are:

  • Reinstating the village ancient plantation site.
  • Establishing Community Gardens.
  • Establishing Community Supported Agriculture for Food Security on Sint Maarten
  • Developing The Keys Market.

We are continuously seeking volunteers to help us recreate a piece of paradise again. Especially now that Sint Maarten has endured the disastrous huricanes Irma, Jose and Marie in 2017. In addition the Covid-19 pandemic has a negative impact on the islands economy.

If you are interested to volunteer with us, then we ask you to at least stay a minimun of 2 months with us. A maximum stay is 9 months with option on extending your stay. More info on how to volunteer with us click on this link.

Holiday Guests

Guests can arrange lodging for a single bed, a room, a studio apartment or our family apartment. On the premises you will find a Café, Terrace (ground and roof) with barbecue area, Gardens, three Mixed Dormitories, two Private Dorm Rooms and two Luxury Studios. Currently we can accommodate a maximum of 21 persons at once. Furthermore Vicky’s Keys premises is being upgraded continuously. More features are being added such as Permaculture designed gardens and a lot more.

Also we organize fun activities such as workshops in arts & crafts, yoga, beach-pub crawls, picknicks, hikes and tours such as viewing the remnants of the Succour Plantation, or the sunrise hike at 5AM to Guana Bay, Natural pool swim, boat and snorkel trips, BBQ’s and Saco nights, live accoustic music events, balloon-dance* contests and a whole lot more!

*If you know what a balloon-dance contest is then we hereby dare you to come show us your moves. If you don’t then you must come and experience it : ))

So whether you consider yourself to be a hetrosexual or a member of the LGBTQI community, religious or a believer, non-religious, a philosopher and or a what-have-you-not ….visit us and we’ll assist you with discovering Vicky’s Keys and the island of St. Maarten.

Our facilities and values

We respect these main principles and maintain them among our friendly team.


We do not keep secrets from each other and our guests, and stay always open to you.


Honesty and having strong moral principles plays a very important part of our friendly and eventful team routine.


Our team is constantly rising the level of mastery by visiting various seminars.

One team

As a team we find it important to discuss various issues occurred in order to solve them. Our guests experiences are crucial to us.


We also search for modern and up-to-date solutions of various routine problems.


All our services and products are thoroughly tested in accordance with the high quality standards.

Meet Our Team

Get to know us better by discovering personally our team members.
Cee Marlin General Manager – Volunteer

Person who rules and makes sure that there are no mistakes and no misunderstandings. As head of our company I’m the person, who manages to keep everything working as a single and cohesive engine all times. Also I give workshops in Aquaponics & Perma-culture Gardening which is one of my greatest passions to share knowledge in becoming and or maintaining self-sufficiency in our daily life styles.

Pien RoeperInterior Advisor – Volunteer

All the design that is displayed in our hostel was crafted by Pien. Pien is devoted not only by her duty, but with heart and soul.