Living at Vicky’s Keys

A community at the beginning of self-sufficient living

by Cee Marlin

You are probably here because you are looking for an affordable place in Sint Maarten to rent. After hearing the social problem of not having affordable housing available in Sint Maarten, the pending pandemic situation that cause an uncertain flow of tourism clientele, Vicky’s Keys management decided to take a different route as of 8 January 2023.
This means the hostel department will make way to become long term rental units for those who would like to live at Vicky’s Keys as a community.

The concept

Vicky’s Keys location is known as the only Volunteer Center combined Eco focussed Hostel (guesthouse) in its form on Sint Maarten. Here we grow our own vegetables, herbs, bush teas, fruit and we used to cultivate sweet water fish for consumption and or sell in our neighbourhood.

The Hostel department will be closed and become a long-term rental option for a period of at least 5 years, while the Volunteer Center will continue its purpose. In the process plans are being executed to make Vicky’s Keys more self-sufficient when it comes to renewable energies and recycling water. This means future persons who live at Vicky’s Keys must adapt to a different lifestyle of making use of solar power, recycling water for garden irrigation, creating biogas for cooking and growing own food on the premises. This is all part of self-sufficient living.  

The apartments

unit 4A and 4B

Apartments 4A, 4B and 6A are available for rent. Each apartment is entitled to 1 parking spot. Utility costs – Electricity and Water are excluded from the rental price – but are a variable and invoiced on a monthly basis. Option to rent unfurnished or furnished.  

Apartments 4 A and B have each a surface of 25m2 / 269ft2, that accommodates a small household of maximum 2 persons. It has a dual kitchen/living room space, bedroom and bathroom, screened windows and air-conditioning in the bedroom.

  • Unfurnished price: ANG 810 / US$ 450
  • Furnished price: ANG 1170 / US$ 650
  • Required: 1 month deposit

unit 6A

Apartment 6A has a surface of 45m2 / 484 ft2, that accommodates a small household of maximum 4 persons. It has a kitchen, living room, 2 airconditioned bedrooms, bathroom and separate toilet, all screened windows and air-conditioned living room.

  • Unfurnished price: ANG 1224 / US$ 680
  • Furnished price: ANG 1584 / US$ 880
  • Required: 1 month deposit

Rental period

With a trial period of 1 year with option to receive a contract for a period of 5 years rental, with option on renewal, we are looking for reliable tenants who will fit in our community concept. The available units will be rented at the soonest as of 1 February 2023 or the latest 1 April 2023.  

Potential tenant candidates

The ideal candidate for us will be:

  • One that loves to garden and landscape, mows the lawns, prune trees when needed and grow food too.
  • Keeps the premises well maintained, does not litter and stow belongings outside like broken scooters, broken bicycles or broken vehicles or any other (broken) belongings that does not belong outside on the premises.
  • Does not play loud music for other tenants to hear.
  • Does not sublet to others.
  • Pays for own utilities.
  • Has one vehicle for parking (if applicable).
  • Abide by Vicky’s Keys rental rules and regulations according to contract.  
  • Does not have pets (no pets are allowed).
  • Haves an indefinite job contract or can provide proof of income as a registered business for at least 3 recent years.
  • Provides a reference of the last landlord (if applicable).  
  • Must have an income that can guaranty rent payment. To pay the following rents, one must make per month at the least:
    • Unfurnished Apartment 4 = 3 x US$ 450 = US$ 1,350.00
    • Furnished Apartment 4 = 3 x US$ 650 = US$ 1,950.00
    • Unfurnished Apartment 6 = 3 x US$ 680 = US$ 2,040.00
    • Furnished Apartment 6 = 3 x US$ 880 = US$ 2,640.00
  • When the actual household have exceeded the maximum persons, then it is time to relocate.
  • When it’s time to move out you make sure to bring back the apartment in its original status as at the beginning of the rental period.


If you have covered above mentioned basics then you are a potential candidate to come view this potential new home and join the Vicky’s Keys community.
Please fill out beneath form and upload required info. This way we can make a selection who we can invite for a viewing and continue the process to becoming a resident at Vicky’s Keys.

Please complete beneath form and upload requested info. Incompleted forms will not be processed and considered as not eligible to continue the application process. All provided info will remain highly confidential. If you are not selected to be invited we will destroy your info immediately.

Good luck and who knows we might welcome you soon!