Frequently Asked Questions

Vicky’s Keys is a private owned Hostel combined with Bed & Breakfast Lodging. Vicky’s Keys stands for sincere hospitality, a place that welcomes you so you will experience the feeling being home away from home. Vicky’s Keys name is your reassurance of good quality budget accommodation that you can trust. It enables you to encounter people of different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, and provide a rich resource for learning and for building a better, more eco-focused and peaceful world.

A hostel is like a dormitory. Each room may have as few as two and as many as 10 beds, or bunk beds. You get a place to sleep for the night. A Hostel is good quality budget accommodation that offers a comfortable night's sleep in friendly surroundings at an affordable price. A Hostel provide the perfect way to get to know a country at low cost and meet with many other people who share your attitude towards travelling.

Our reception is open from 08:00am until 09:00pm.
We serve breakfast from 08:00am until 10:00am.
Check-out time is at 11:00am
Check-in time is from 03:00pm until 09:00pm

Vicky's Keys is approximately a 20 minute drive from Princess Juliana International Airport. Straight across Philipsburg you will find the suburb called Sucker Garden. To reach our location you will have drive to Sucker Garden passing Philipsburg.
Coming from Philipsburg on the Sucker Garden road.
On your left: you'll pass the Gas station.
On your right: you'll pass the Guana Bay road.
Drive until you see on your right a Super Market called "FRESH POND SUPERMARKET". Or the sign “Welcome to Sucker Garden”.
Then take the first road on your right called KING OF THE SEA ROAD.
Make a right turn, you'll be driving on a bank, continue driving to the 3rd bridge. DON'T TAKE THE 4TH BRIDGE this is to far off.
Turn left at the 3rd bridge and continue driving. This road is called THE KEYS ROAD.
On your right: pass the street called Sedums Cactus road.
Continue driving until you see on your left the sign “VICKY'S KEYS on a painted big rock.
Make a left turn at this sign and you'll see a parking lot.
You have arrived at Vicky's Keys!

You can also google our location to see where we are precisely located.
Good luck and we hope to welcome you soon!

Public transportation on SXM runs from 5.30am until approximately 8pm - 8.30pm. And it’s not regularly that buses stop at the Sucker Garden road which is our neighborhood.

If during the day:
At the Princess Juliana International Airport (Dutch side) you can take the bus going to Philipsburg- bus-fare is about $2. Once in Philipsburg get out at the end of the bus ride at Cannegieterstreet in front of a supermarket called AFOO. At this location you will find gypsy cabs (illegal taxis) waiting to take customers to The Keys village in Sucker Garden. Our location is in The Keys and we are the only Guest House - Vicky’s Keys Hostel - in The Keys village. A gypsy fare would be approximately $1 (to Sucker Garden road) - $5 (to be dropped directly at Vicky’s Keys).

From L'Esperance Airport (French side) it's best to take a commercial taxi to reach us. Costs approx. $25 - $30.

If during night time:
From both Airports (Dutch and French side) it’s best to take a commercial taxi. Costs approx. $25-$30 to reach us.

Our hostel tend to book up very quickly in the high season (November - April). We recommend making reservations throughout the season.

In the event you make a reservation via a booking portal, you most likely are required to pay a booking fee to the booking company. This is their policy. And this booking portal will then advice you to pay the booking balance on arrival at the Hostel.
However we - the hostel - in this case does not receive any lodging fee as a security should a guest not show up.
It is OUR company policy to receive a lodging deposit directly to avoid:
1) people making bogus bookings,
2) guests not showing up and
3) for the period that we keep the lodging space reserved.

This way we will have a guaranty that a guest will actually be staying with us. And this is why we confirm directly with our referred guests who booked via these booking portals. We ask referred guests to pay the lodging fee prior to arrival via our link. And to confirm their reservation with 48 hours or their booking will be considered as in default.
On our profile page the following is mentioned under the subject Lodging:
See link:

How much does it cost to stay overnight?

Overnight fees can be found on this site - simply select the room where you would like to stay.
We also have seasonal discounts. To find out more about these discounts please contact us directly.

Vicky’s Keys welcomes people of all ages – whether they’re 0 or 90+ years old.

First of all we welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, origins and interests - first-time travellers, seasoned travellers, lone travellers or people in groups all find a warm welcome at Vicky’s Keys.

Yes you can, but at our Café’s kitchen.

Bathroom towels are provided. Beach towels are not provided, but can be rented at the reception desk. So please remember to bring a beach towel if you don’t want to rent, plus any toiletries you will need.

At our dorm we have lockers for your possessions. The Holiday Studios are equipped with security windows and doors which makes break and entry a hard task to carry out.

The most you will be asked to do is hand in your bed linen when you leave, and ensure that you clear up after using self-catering facilities.

What kinds of facilities are provided for disabled visitors?

Not all of our rooms are accessible for wheelchair users. Therefore we recommend you to contact us for specific details before making a booking.

Can children stay at Vicky’s Keys?

Children are welcome to stay and should be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that unaccompanied minors are not allowed to stay in our dormitories, and can therefore only stay in our private room when this is available and booked in advance directly. Please contact us for more information.

Youth ages between 0 – 12 years are considered children, to which a discount of 40% is applicable.
13 years and older the adult prices are applicable.

Can I bring my pet when I stay at Vicky’s Keys?

Pets of a certain size are welcome but - please check with us before making a booking.

Can I smoke at Vicky’s Keys?

Smoking is permitted at the selected areas on our premises. However all our rooms are non-smoking!

What kind of facilities can I expect?

We recognize that consistent standards and service are important to budget travellers. Local customs and practices vary around the world so please browse our website for more details.

You can also find information about our opening times, open dates, facilities and more on our Event Agenda page.

Our Holiday studios are fitted with double beds and sleep for two people, mostly couples. And our dorm rooms are fitted with bunk beds, and sleep two or three people.
Bedding and towels are provided. Toiletries you will have to bring yourself.
Our dorms has en-suite facilities. We also have provide meals such as Breakfast and BBQ evenings. Also guests can cook their own meals at our Café’s kitchen.
Furthermore we have a lounge room, Café- and roof terrace, laundry facilities, gardens and internet access in all location.

Are trips or activities organized at Vicky’s Keys?

Yes, we offer a wide range of activities - from history tours to para-sailing! At our reception desk you will find valuable local knowledge and tourist information.

Elsewhere on this site you can find questions about:
Membership (why and how to join, membership types and costs, member benefits)
Bookings & Cancellations
You can email us. We will deal with your query as quickly as possible, but please allow 3-5 working days for a reply.

Your stay at Vicky’s Keys must be paid for in advance. Depending on when you cancel your stay, you will be partially or fully reimbursed as follows:
• For cancellation more than 1 month prior to the commencement date, the customer will not be required to pay Vicky’s Keys any form of compensation.
• For cancellation more than 7 days prior to the commencement date, the customer will be required to pay Vicky’s Keys 30% of the reservation price.
• For cancellation more than 24 hours prior to the commencement date, the customer will be required to pay Vicky’s Keys 70% of the reservation price.
• For cancellation 24 hours or less prior to the commencement date, the customer will be required to pay Vicky’s Keys 100% of the reservation price.