Hostel closure 2023

2023 started out with making the decision to apply a different business strategy again at Vicky’s Keys. Reasons are the pending pandemic situation that causes an uncertain flow of tourism clientele, and the accompanied aftermath of global financial distress that will continue to linger for some time.

Vicky’s Keys hostel is closing its doors, while the Volunteer Center department will continue its purpose. We have decided for the hostel department to make way for long-term rental apartments but with the self-sufficient living concept. This new concept is called “Eco Living”. Plans for Vicky’s Keys are to make it more self-sufficient when it comes to renewable energies and recycling water.

This means future persons who live at Vicky’s Keys must adapt to a different lifestyle of making use of solar power, recycling water for garden irrigation, creating biogas for cooking and growing own food on the premises. This is all part of self-sufficient living. 

We are looking for reliable tenants who will fit in our community concept. The available units will be rented as of 1 April 2023. 

If you are interested in living at Vicky’s Keys, then click here for more information on tenant requirements and how to apply to live at this location.

Who knows we can welcome you to living at Vicky’s Keys too

We are closed for now

Dear friends, frequent guests and future guests,

It is a fact that we are living in an uncertain time frame because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this pandemic and the soon to start hurricane season on 1 June 2020 we have decided to close the hostel until the next high season starts in November 2020.

What makes it uncertain for us to remain open cause we don’t know:

1) When this pandemic will stop.
2) When the lockdown on St. Maarten will be uplifted.
3) When the airports will reopen its doors to the public.
4) When the cruise ships will dock again.
5) When and if we are eligible to receive relief funds from the Government or from the Kingdom of The Netherlands Government.
6) Will this hurricane season starting 1 June 2020 be a safe one compared to the one on 6 Sept 2017 of which we are still picking up the pieces of….

These coming months we are not open to the public and will use this time to review our hostel operations to adapt a new and more strict hygiene protocol besides the strict protocol we already had in place.

*To paint you a picture for the near future:*
a) During check-in guests staying in our Dorms will receive individually fresh bedlinen, towels and a role of toilet paper. Make sure to use your own toilet paper. Dormitory beds will not be made-up like before cause we want to keep the bedlinen pristine.
b) Any used towels can not stay in the rooms and will have to be deposited everyday in the laundry room hamper. Fresh towels and linen will be there for guests to take.
c) For example guests staying at one of our Dorms who share the kitchen and bathroom facilities will be given alcoholic hand-gel to clean whatever they touch like the handles of fridges, microwaves, bathroom windows and door handles. Guest will have to help us clean up after themselves more cause we can’t be every where at the same time.
d) Make an appointment with us / reserve a time slot for when you want to use the Cafe Kitchen to cook your breakfast, lunch or diner. Afterwards clean up after yourselves according to the kitchen rules.
e) Consider hygiene protocols and apply future advise about Covid-19.
f) Upon checkout every guest have to bring the used bedlinen and towels with them and deposit them at our laundry room.

These are a few basics, but there is more. In future guests are required to abide by these new hygiene protocols throughout the entire premises when staying with us. To maintain a healthy and safe environment at Vicky’s Keys Hostel we are strict on our house rules.
Let’s hope Covid-19 doesn’t turn in Covid-20, and that this hurricane season will be a safe one.

*Bookings / Reservations*

In the meantime bookings can be made via our website Be very sure if you want to stay with us though because our cancellation policy is applicable! See our link: bookings have to be made via credit card or Paypal. The booking amount will get the status “reserved” until guests definitely are checked in, only then the booking amount will get the status “paid”. In case there are cancellations make sure to understand our Booking Terms & Conditions.
More info about how to book with with us can be read on our FAQ page at this link:

*Email, Messenger, Events*
Don’t shy away, we are still here to answer your questions about our hostel and what our plans are. To let you in on some activities we like to organize are a health & wellness trip again, Home Cooking Buffets, rooftop BBQ’s, a private topless pool party (yep you’ve read that right, all men have to come topless for a fact 😁), private boat trips to Pinel, Anguilla and more surrounding little islands, hikes, culinary trip, history and nature trip, concerts, pub and beach pick-nick crawls that will probably get you tipsy…🤣 and for the ladies and or men you can get your hair braided, coloured or even straightened and cut in style by our in house local hairdresser. We love to keep beauty contests and Caribbean look makeovers. Oh yes we have a lot planned next season. Just make sure to be part of our activities at Vicky’s Keys.

Well friends, frequents guests and future guests, stay safe and look out for each other. Don’t be alone or be too self-centred. We are all in this together. Together we will overcome these issues cause we are humans. The kind that learns fast and adapt cause we are smart. Nature is teaching us a lot…be alert and be intelligent about your actions.

Until next season, hopefully in November 2020…if not possible then we’ll see each other in January 2021.
Stay tuned to our Blog and Facebook page, we’ll keep you posted.

Bye bye for now!
Cee Marlin
General Manager
– Stay Among The Locals – Vicky’s Keys Hostel | |
We will not be there to answer the phone so it’s best to send us an email.