Hostel closure 2023

2023 started out with making the decision to apply a different business strategy again at Vicky’s Keys. Reasons are the pending pandemic situation that causes an uncertain flow of tourism clientele, and the accompanied aftermath of global financial distress that will continue to linger for some time.

Vicky’s Keys hostel is closing its doors, while the Volunteer Center department will continue its purpose. We have decided for the hostel department to make way for long-term rental apartments but with the self-sufficient living concept. This new concept is called “Eco Living”. Plans for Vicky’s Keys are to make it more self-sufficient when it comes to renewable energies and recycling water.

This means future persons who live at Vicky’s Keys must adapt to a different lifestyle of making use of solar power, recycling water for garden irrigation, creating biogas for cooking and growing own food on the premises. This is all part of self-sufficient living. 

We are looking for reliable tenants who will fit in our community concept. The available units will be rented as of 1 April 2023. 

If you are interested in living at Vicky’s Keys, then click here for more information on tenant requirements and how to apply to live at this location.

Who knows we can welcome you to living at Vicky’s Keys too